Halo Infinite Roadmap Revealed, Online Campaign Co-Op Coming In August


Halo Infinite Roadmap Revealed, Online Campaign Co-Op Coming In August

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Halo Infinite Roadmap & My Reaction

Here is my live reaction to the Halo Infinite September Road Map. I watched it with my stream as I stream every weekday!! Thanks for watching! Check out the Social Media below!
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Halo Infinite Roadmap 2 Today! MCC MASSIVE Update! Halo 5 Coming to PC?!? Halo News

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Thumbnail Spartan Renders:

Halo MCC Massive Update – 0:00
Halo Infinite Roadmap 2.0 and Academy Forge – 4:00
Halo 5 Coming to PC? – 8:30

MCC Update
Mcc bloom visual
Controller remapping
https://twitter.com/MaxSzlagor/status/1565110820715253760?s=20 &t=V6q-uCsIXWHEO_p4a9tejg
Kong Slayer and other modes
https://twitter.com/DeltaIndex_/status/1565134843838701568?s=20 &t=9QpsTu7IE9tMAojRLN9FmQ
The Yappening
https://twitter.com/Halo/status/1564644386293645317?t=P5fn3ru6WjG-CJsv1Q9Jow &s=19
The Yappening
https://twitter.com/DeltaIndex_/status/1523033175173349376?s=20 &t=_KhxxWOc6e-jBFggw6UyCA
Yappening Weekly rewards
https://twitter.com/DeltaNewsx/status/1523407391936729088?t=szn4yo_fC-WtJC7uWj4lSQ &s=19
Forge tutorials in Academy
https://twitter.com/Mr_Rebs_/status/1565026141206896643?s=20 &t=ELtWewSE55ytEs4vmRFtTQ
Forge campaign
Forge toy story
https://twitter.com/RedNomster/status/1564877359676735488?t=c3t0jc9xKsK2GFSArD581A &s=19
343 response to custom games
https://twitter.com/HaloHubGG/status/1564296762512343040?s=20 &t=XiELcFGRTN75mxLMHPLoGA
Uny h5 PC rumor
https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/x1kgyg/uhh_guys_this_is_on_pc_btw/imf3uxw?utm_medium=android_app &utm_source=share &context=3

Halo Infinite Roadmap 2 Today! MCC MASSIVE Update! Halo 5 Coming to PC?!? Halo News
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The New Roadmap for Halo Infinite Has Everyone Speechless

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